Betina is a small impressive tourist resort located in the northeastern coast of the island Murter. It is rich in natural, cultural and economic peculiarities.
For the first time in history mentioned back in 1423rd years and have established a refugees running away from the mainland of the Turks.
On a hill above the town is the Baroque church with a bell tower of St. Francis of Assisi from 1601.godine which is full of historical, cultural and spiritual values. From the slopes of the peninsula Artic downhill multitude of narrow streets, passages, stone house, the house that leads to the old town center.
Betina is also known for shipbuilding, which is being developed since the 18th century and the oldest is a Korcula. 1848.godine opened modern brodogradiliste big wooden ships. Shipbuilding tradition maintain itself until today.
With shipbuilding residents were once practiced agriculture, livestock, fisheries, while today they dedicated to the development of tourism.
Betina is a tourist very interesting because of the attractive climate, colorful history, hospitality and scenes as a postcard.
Preserved architecture, rich cuisine and natural beauty, jagged and varied coastline and rich underwater are ideal for the perfect summer experience.

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